Collaboration with Reaction Dynamics

Nétur Inc, through its additive manufacturing department, proudly announces its contribution to the realization of the RE-101 hybrid rocket motor from Reaction Dynamics. Our expertise in 3D printing and machining played a key role in the success of this exceptional space project.

We took charge of the 3D printing and machining of the rocket motor, underlining our commitment to innovation and our ability to excel in large-scale projects.

Our technical know-how was decisive, using advanced 3D technologies to push back design boundaries and meet the project’s specific requirements.

Additive manufacturing enabled exceptional flexibility, reducing weight, optimizing geometry and accelerating production. Precision machining completed the process, guaranteeing high standards of quality and performance.


This collaboration reinforces our position as a major player in additive manufacturing and advanced machining. We look forward to further innovative projects in the aerospace industry.

Manipulation Fabrication Additive

We warmly congratulate Reaction Dynamics on the successful realization of the RE-101 hybrid rocket motor, and express our sincere gratitude for choosing us as a preferred partner for this major project.

Nétur Inc. remains committed to pushing back the frontiers of innovation, actively contributing to technological advances in the space field.

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