About us


Nétur specializes in the development and machining of complex, high precision aerospace components. Based in Saint-Hubert on the south shore of Montreal, we also offer a wide range of supplementary solutions for component assembly, painting, and special processes. Our investments in talent, ongoing skills development, and efficient processes are your guarantee of innovative, top quality products.



Usinage Nétur ltée is founded by Louis-René Turcotte (1,800 sq. ft. facility2).


Nétur expands to 4,200 sq. ft.


The company is certified ISO 9001.


Nétur expands again, from 4,200 sq. ft. To 9,200 sq. ft.


Nétur is certified AS9100 (aerospace standard).


The plant grows from 9,200 sq. ft. to 16,200 sq. ft.


Louis-René Turcotte hands over the reins to his son Stéphane


Usinage Nétur ltée becomes Nétur inc. and introduces its new corporate image: “Precision propelling innovation.” A brand new 38,000 sq. ft. facility is built to better meet the company’s needs and goals for growth.


Founder Louis-René Turcotte passes away.


The old 16,200 sq. ft. facility is converted into a paint shop and cleanliness and special processes lab to improve logistics and reduce reliance on subcontractors.


Supplier Gold accreditation: The UTC group awarded Netur with the Gold standard accreditation for sustained 100% of on time delivery  perfromance of 100% and no quality escape


 ISO 14001 certification ( Environemental management system)


 Netur increases its exposure to European markets by opening a manufacturing facility in Poland


First customer certified production part delivered from Poland facility 


Poland facility receive ISO9001 and AS9100 certification


To be recognized as a leader in the manufacture and assembly of complex, high precision components for the aeronautical and aerospace industry. At Nétur, we recognize how crucial reliability is in our field of business. We stand out with the superior quality of our products, our highly skilled employees, our state-of-the-art facilities and technology, and our track record for on-time delivery.


Employee well-being
We strive to promote the well-being of our employees by offering rewarding work and competitive conditions in a healthy, safe, stimulating, and respectful environment and by communicating openly and transparently.

Expertise and technical skill
Our highly skilled team has the technical know-how to provide our customers with innovative and creative solutions. We keep team skills up-to-date through regular training and constantly work to optimize methods and processes in order to achieve optimal performance and control production costs.

Rigorous processes are in place at every stage of production and delivery. The work of our employees meets stringent quality and reliability standards and is performed using reliable, well-maintained equipment.

We believe that honesty with our customers, employees and suppliers is the foundation of a solid relationship of trust.

Superior product quality
Our products meet the highest aerospace industry standards. Our state-of-the-art equipment is constantly upgraded to keep pace with changing technology.

Outstanding service
We take a professional approach and remain attentive to our customer’s needs in order to maintain solid business relations based on trust and identification of win-win solutions. We respect our customer agreements.

Sustainable development 

To be a able to promote and sustain our Sustainable development strategy we built a Environmental Management Systeme (EMS). Our objectives are the follow:

  • Reduce our Environmental impact

  • Respect all regulatory requirements and controls

  • Limit the pollution produced by our activities

  • Increase our custumer’s satisfaction level who are sensitive to environmmental impact of their supply chain

  • Improve well being of our employees and community well being

  • Increase quality of our products with innovative processes and continuous improvement

  • Increase the overall efficiencies of the company

  • Ensuring the continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System (EMG)

Our Team

Our Polish Team

Malgozata Wilkoszewska-Sowa, Office administrator tel : +48 (17) 87 00 671

Ireneusz Rozak, Logistics Coordinator tel : +48 (17) 87 00 673