Additive Manufacturing

Netur is a leader in the next generation of manufacturing technology with its in-house Additive Manufacturing capabilities. Our offered services range from adapting the customer’s 3D model to best fit Additive Manufacturing production parameters, printing the customer’s component on one of our 3D printers and finish machining the component to meet any surface finish or mating surface features that require very precise tolerances. All this done under one roof!!

Our Additive Manufacturing clean room is equipped with 2 Renishaw AM400 printers with the following characteristics;

• Additive process type:   Laser Powder Bed Fusion

• Optical system output:   400W

• Maximum printing envelope:   250 mm × 250 mm × 300 mm


Netur uses only the highest quality metal powders to guarantee the consistency and repeatability of component dimensional and metallic properties. We print components in the following alloys;

• Nickel alloy (Inconel)

• Aluminium alloy

• Titanium alloy


Why choose Additive Manufacturing technology?

• Significant reduction in time and costs in the development of new components when compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

• Allows for quick turn-around times of design iterations during the customer’s prototyping phase.

• Capability to cost effectively produce components with very complex geometries.

• Allows to reduce the number of components within a traditional assembly by merging several components into one 3D part. 

• Decrease the cost of special machine tooling and fixturing by producing the complete component using the customer’s digital 3D model.

• Decrease the weight of the component by optimizing part geometries.