We always optimize our process and we focus on the quality of our product. We obtained and maintained several certification to be able to keep high standards. 

Quality :

We received our first ISO 9001 accreditation in 1994 and we are AS9100 certify for more than 20 years.  Maintaining the health of our quality system is crucial for us. 

We guarantee the maintenance of our quality management with audit of our process on a regular basis and with the help of our employees who play a key role with their focus on quality and we commit to a culture of improvement in leading innovative project and with new technologies.  

Environnement :

The involvement of our staff in the reduction of waste and the use of non recycling product show our environmental commitement.  All our solid and liquid waste are controlled so we can respect the regulation. To support our engagment with the environemental norms, we are ISO 14001 certified since July 2017.